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Meet My Guinea Pigs

I've realised in the time I've been blogging that I've shared things in my life in varying degrees but that two special 'people' in my life haven't been mentioned yet. So I'd like to talk a little bit about them.

I have two guinea pigs and they're called Ben and Gaston. I got them in April of 2015, when they were only 8 weeks old, so that makes them just over a year old now!

This is Ben and he is named after a football player, he was picked out by my brother so he got to choose his colouring and name :P As far as I know he is of the standard American shorthair variety.

This is Gaston and he is named after Gaston from the Beauty and the Beast. He is a shorthair too but is of the Agouti variety, as his fur is speckled and more than one colour.

They are very shy (this is quite common in guinea pigs though) and are still quite reluctant about being actually being picked up, but otherwise they love attention, they like nothing more than someone sitting with them and chatting to them or playing with them and they especially like to have treats. They're definitely the type of animal that dictates how you interact with them, if they're fed up of me being around them or they don't want me to certain things they will let me know. 
They have recently got a new cage with two levels and a lot more space and they're more comfortable now as they have space to run around and also to keep their distance from each other when they have falling outs. As they're brothers they will inevitably have their ups and downs but generally they get on really well together. 
They have a run outside in the garden to use when the weather is nicer but most of the time they actually prefer to stay in their cage or would rather be allowed to run around in their little inside enclosure.  They are really fond of pillows or little padded blankets and love to be given new ones.

Personality wise they are quite similar, but one thing I have noticed is that since first having them their dynamic has slightly changed. Ben has always been the loudest and was very confident and dominant to begin with but over time he is definitely becoming the more nervous one of the two. Gaston has always been more subtle and quiet but he's definitely the boss now when it comes confidence, he's a lot more people friendly in particular. Ben enjoys company and fuss but prefers it from afar or through his food :P  

This is one of my favourite photos of them that was taken when they had a little adventure with a cardboard box in their run, they're about 8 months old here.

For me personally, although it may sound a bit silly, they're a great little addition to our household and have helped me a lot. Their routine gives me something to concentrate on and a responsibility. Although they're not as cuddly and close as something like a cat or dog may be, I find it very relaxing and good for me to be able to look after them and bond with them. They can sometimes even sense that I am upset or in pain and have little quirks that show me that they've understood that. Since I was only diagnosed with my conditions last year, they've kind of been there through that, so it was a nice distraction to see them growing up and getting even cuter ;) 

Their favourite snacks are spinach, apple and herbs. Most of the time they do eat the same as each other, but for some reason Gaston doesn't want to try tomatoes so Ben has his Tesco's Finest special tomatoes all to himself. They always make sure to tell you when they're hungry, especially Ben who has a ridiculously loud and ear flapping wheek and will shout as if he hasn't been fed for days to remind you that he is waiting for you to sort out his food.

So yeah, they're cute lil' beans and I like them a lot :) 

Here's a little video I made of them!


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  1. Aw they're such cuties, I love that one of them is named after Gaston haha, he's such a fab villain :)

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