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My Favourite Youtubers

Hi everyone!

Personally, I'm definitely not confident enough to make videos, but one of my favourite things to do when I have spare time is to watch Youtube.

I have a range of different favourites, some that I watch purely for entertainment, some that are more for awareness of certain issues or some are even to help with my studies.

So I thought it may be cool to share some of my favourites with you! There are some obvious favourites like Zoella or Tyler Oakley, that I love, but I'm going to concentrate on some less popular or less talked about people.

Since I have quite a few favourites I'm going to split them into some different categories.

Beauty/Make Up 




Louise is one of my favourite Youtubers for several reasons. She's an amazing source for beauty tips, make up hauls and fashion. She also makes videos about motherhood and subsequently her lovely daughter Darcy and some of the causes she is passionate about, like her work with local churches and the  'Working for Change' UN campaign. She's also from my county which is pretty cool!



Estée is just so cool, I really love her personality and her sense of humour. Her videos are on a mixture of topics, she does have a lot of beauty videos but also does some travel ones and some non beauty hauls such as stationery or homeware. I also really love the story of how she met her boyfriend Aslan and I absolutely love seeing their little family vlogs featuring their adorable dog Reggie.



Kathleen is so adorable I just love her style of videos and think she's really down to earth and funny. Her videos are primarily beauty focused and she does a lot of review/swatch videos which I love. She does also have a few different videos like The Husband Tag and also some chat videos discussing issues such as anxiety. It wasn't that long ago that I came across her videos but I'm already a big fan.



Mikhila is an awesome English Youtuber that, unfortunately, I don't hear about much. She does mainly beauty videos and as the name suggests, focusses on the more affordable end of make up products and is always reviewing and talking about the newest items. Although there are still some mentions of slightly pricier products, I love that she chooses to stick to providing information on all the exciting and good quality finds that you can get on a smaller budget, which could be quite helpful if you're just starting out with make up or if you need to be more frugal when it comes to beauty items. I also love her vlog type videos where she features her family and dog, her son Milo is so adorable!

Miscellaneous (General/Lifestyle/Family) 



I love Pentatonix so it's not really any surprise that I'd like Superfruit since it contains two of their members, Scott and Mitch. Their friendship is just so cute and love seeing them in videos together. A lot of their videos are tag type videos where they do challenges or games and then there are a few music ones too and the odd q and a. They can be a bit NSFW on occasions but I just really love everything they do. They also have a cool little feature at the end of each video where they share their weekly favourite things and their favourite songs at the moment.



The Saccone Jolys are family daily vloggers, so they essentially upload a video each day documenting things that happened on the previous day. Jonathan and Anna are the parents, then there is their 3 year old Emilia and their 2 year old Eduardo and a collection of 6 Maltese dogs. The concept of their videos is pretty cool, since they daily vlog you get to see their journey, like they documented both of Anna's pregnancies and are starting to document her 3rd right now and I just think it's really awesome as a viewer to see their children grow up and see all the ways in which their lives change. I have to admit, I'm not always able to watch every day as I just don't have the time, but I love to catch up when I can. Both Anna and Jonathan have their own channels too and I particularly enjoy the Make Up and Fashion videos that Anna makes.

Annie Elainey 


It wasn't until recently that I delved into the Spoonie (If you don't know what a 'Spoonie' is, check out my post on The Spoon Theory here) community on tumblr, but I've definitely learned a lot and found some awesome people to follow. Annie was someone that I came across on Tumblr and when I saw that she also made Youtube videos, I made sure to check out her channel. She focusses a lot on the issues and topics relating to disability and/or chronic illness and in particular the need for accessibility and awareness. I've been ill for a while now but I'm fairly new to a lot of aspects of spoonie life and I love that there are people that want to educate other chronically ill people and then also the able-bodied people who might not quite understand some of the issues faced in today's society.

French-Speaking Youtubers

I know this perhaps wont appeal to many people but I thought I would include them just in case. Since I speak French, one of the ways I like to keep up with learning the language is to watch Youtubers who have their content in French. Even if you don't speak French, there may be some of you that would watch regardless of language!

All of these are Beauty/Lifestyle type people so I didn't feel the need for a separate category.






Thanks for reading!

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