Thursday, 24 March 2016

Stay Happy Playlist

This week, I want to share some of my favourite music. For me music is quite special, without sounding kinda cheesy, I do think it can be an important part of forming your personality. I also love making playlists, I have a few that I've made on 8tracks but I also love Spotify too.

The playlist that I'm loving at the moment is entitled 'Stay Happy', and the content is exactly as you would think from the title, these are all songs that make me happy. Some are upbeat, but there are also some more mellow and calming tunes as well.
I like to have a bit of a mixture, so there are a range of different styles, from opera to a capella, and also a few songs from other languages thrown in.


As a little extra, I thought I would include one of my other playlists entitled 'Pop-Punk is Sooooo '05', which is a throwback mix to the sort of stuff I listened to when I was about 16/17. (Definitely do still listen to these now though!)


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  1. I love the pop punk playlist. I think I used to know the words to every single one of those songs.
    -Brittany @ A Southern Celiac


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