Sunday, 14 February 2016

Dream Big, Princess

If you haven't already seen, Disney have launched a new campaign entitled 'Dream Big, Princess'.

The main part of this is an adorable video...

As the tagline to the video says "For every girl who dreams big, there’s a princess to show her it’s possible." And in the video we see clips of various Disney princesses from Merida to Rapunzel, interspersed with clips of real young girls doing things they love. 

On a personal level, I found this quite inspiring, even with me being a 23 year old 'adult'. However, as some of you may know, the last year has been somewhat of a struggle for me with having to resit my final year of uni and struggling with my health. 
For several years now, one of my goals has been to audition to be a face character at a Disney park or to be a parade performer. Despite the fact that my illness could limit me, definitely in the case of being in parades as this is quite physical, after thinking about it I still believe this is something I should at least try, even just for the experience of the application and audition process. This video has solidified that for me.

In the more general sense, aside from my own personal connection, of course the main idea of this campaign centres around and has a target audience of young girls, and I think this is also a very important issue to touch on. So many times, you hear stories from young adults saying that they were never confident enough to pursue dreams they had as a child. But this video aims to show that, if you try only good things can happen!

One of the directors of Frozen, Jennifer Lee, also wrote a really interesting piece to accompany the message here that I really love.

Even if you're not a big Disney fan, I think it's safe to say that a lot of people will relate to this idea!

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